【Everywhere is a Stage Project】Online performance “Travel Through Time Performances at Takaoka” ~A movie introducing the attractiveness of Takaoka, a historical and cultural creation city is now available! ~

2024.03.31 UP


YouTube official channel operated by the culture creation city, Takaoka, is introducing the online performance movie “Travel Through Time Performances at Takaoka” showing the historical cultural heritage, townscape, and scenic places in Takaoka as the new stages by presenting the traditional arts, music, and dances performed by the artists in the city.


In addition to the five artworks including the western dances and chorus shown by now, they created the works and made it open using the row of cherry blossoms in Fukuoka Town as its stage.

It is said that the cherry blossoms along the Gandogawa River featured as the stage this time were planted to recover the brightness to children after the war and are very popular among people and chosen “The top 70 sites for viewing the cherry blossoms in Toyama”.


“Gagaku” is the Japanese artistic music inherited from 1,300 years ago.

Gagaku in Fukuoka Town started as the ceremony music at the shrines and temples and is proud of its about 160 years of history. It was designated as the Takaoka City Registered Intangible Cultural Assets and has been inherited by “Yoyukai”, a Gagaku music group.


In this artwork, they show two performances of “Ranryo-o“ and “Manzairaku“. You can enjoy the grace and heroical dances and the magnificent sounds of the winds and percussion under the fully blooming cherry blossoms.

The brightly colored costumes, elaborately designed masks, and dance costumes suited for the performance are also highlights of the performance. Please pay attention to the world view of Gagaku expressed in each performance.


2023 Video Production “Cherry Blossoms Dancing in the Eternity

[Location] Gandogawa River (Fukuoka Town)

[Contents] Gagaku (ancient Japanese court music)

[Performers] Yoyukai


This represents the struggle of Lan Ling Wang, a famous general’s army in ancient China. Chang Kung was a real-life 6th-century general who had a gentle and beautiful appearance, and it is said that he fought on the battlefield wearing a fearsome mask to maintain his dignity.

In The Tale of Genji, vol.“Minori”(The Rites), there is a very graceful scene where the dance of Lan Ling Wang was performed.


This is a representative dance that has been performed since ancient times to pray for the peace of the land and is still performed today at the Daijyo-sai (Great Taste of Rice Festival), which marks the accession to the throne of the emperor.

This dance was inherited from China and there is a legend that it was created based on a phoenix that played in the court garden during the Sui Dynasty.

Wearing a hat called Torikabuto, the movements of the four dancers, dressed in brightly colored costumes, resemble a phoenix gracefully unfurling and closing its wings.

The name of Takaoka was quoted from one of the passages from the Book of Odes, “The Phoenix Cries on His High Hill”, and its performance is also deeply tied to Takaoka City.




Enjoy the videos we have released so far:


〇Harmony of the Four Seasons on Yamamacho-suji

[Shooting Location] Yamamachi-suji (Takaoka Mikurumayama Kaikan, Dozo-zukuri no Machi Museum, Yamamachi Valley, Red Brick Building), Suehirozaka Small Park

[Contents] Chorus

[Performers] Joto Ongakuin, Women’s Chorus “Doruchie”, Women’s Chorus “Voce Fontana”, Chorus Group “Ongaku Shitsu”, Boy Scouts of Japan Takaoka Troop 11 Beaver Colony

[Chorus Music Supervisor and Arranger] Chiyoko Matsui


〇The fragrant sound of the autumn mountain peaks

[Shooting location] Mt.Futagami, Bussharizan Bussekiji Temple

[Contents] Shakuhachi and flower arrangement

[Performers] The Tozanryu Shakuhachi Foundation Grandmaster Kozan Tokai (Shakuhachi), Flower arrangement master Ikenobo Takaoka Branch (Flower arrangement)


〇Dancing in the moonlight at Shokoji Temple

[Shooting Location] Shokoji Temple

[Contents] Western dance, Koto music

[Performers] Kasai Dancing Company (Western Dance), Ikutaryuseigensha Katakagokai (Koto Music)


〇Traditional Dancing Cheering the Town of Metal Castors

[Shooting Location] Kanayamachi (Row of Houses with Lattice, Kanayamachi Pocket Park, Kanaya Green Park), Arisoshohachimangu

[Contents] Folk Dance, Folk Song

[Performers] Folk Dance, Folk Song Hananokai, Sato Matsukoryu Matsuhirokai, Yagaefu Preservation Society


〇Connecting Age and Culture

[Shooting Locations] Zuiryuji Temple, Amaharashi Coast (Roadside Station Amaharashi)

[Contents] Japanese Dancing

[Performers] Kiku Hanakawa (Hanakawaryu), National Institute of Technology, Toyama College Imizu Campus Japanese Dance Club




Each of these videos is a work that invites you to discover new attractions, by combining the historical assets and culture of Takaoka City with its own particular charms.

At the Takaoka Cultural Creativity City Official Channel on YouTube, you can see a digest version of approximately 4 minutes in addition to the main works.

Just sit back and enjoy works with different techniques and performances than you would normally see at a hall.

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