Active Person

“In Takaoka, there are very few chain stores. Although roadside stores and large stores can be found in suburban areas, almost nothing can be found in the town. Instead, the local people open their own stores and create their community. When I came here for the first time, I was very impressed by their power.

Manufacturing in the field

Manufacturing in Takaoka got its start when Lord Maeda Toshinaga founded the town about 400 years ago. At that time, he invited a wide range of craftspeople to the town, including seven skilled casters, who began by making cast metal implements for daily life.

  • 2021.03.31 UP
    After 23 years, the major Heisei repairs have been completed!
  • 2020.12.02 UP
    Takaoka City Fujiko・F・Fujio Hometown Art Gallery 5th Anniversary! You can now read all the pages of two manga magazines from Mr. Fujiko・F・Fujio’s high school days!
  • 2020.03.31 UP
    An In-Depth Report on a Metal Caster’s World’s No. 1 Taiyaki Project