Takaoka City Center’s Long Running Event, Craft City Takaoka Autumn Fair. Come and Enjoy Our City’s Famous Craftwork

2019.07.18 UP

The dates for our event have been confirmed!

Each Autumn, we hold our craft fair in Takaoka city center. Last year, visitors to our city to enjoyed the event’s 100 venues, 23 factories, and approximately 3000 pieces of art.

All are welcome, whether or not they are familiar with craftwork. Come to our city, and enjoy speaking with our city’s artisans, dining on elegant dishware made in Takaoka, and making your own craftwork. Enjoy the beautiful streets of Kanayamachi, as men and women dressed in traditional Japanese wear bring the town to life.

Many new and unexpected experiences await you. You may find inspiration in the wonderful works of our local artists and writers, learn of the joy of handcrafting art, or discover the unique charm of everyday life in Takaoka.

This year, we will be holding 3 events between Thursday, September 9th to Monday, September 23rd (national holiday). We shall give a brief outline of each event.


●Takaoka, City of Crafts: Craft Exhibition 2019 (9/21-25)
A comprehensive exhibition showcasing the works of the country’s greatest craftsman in Takaoka since 1986. You can also buy works which take your fancy. From metalwork and lacquer to glass and furniture, a wide range of items across materials and uses will be available.


We are currently accepting submissions for our event, Craft City Takaoka: 2019 Craft Exhibition. The theme for submissions is Embracement 2. The deadline for submissions is July 21st.


*Dates : Sep.19,2019〜Sep.23,2019(tentative schedule)

*Venue : OTAYA SERIO(tentative schedule)





●Takaoka Craft Market Town (9/21-24)
Whether you want to see, buy, or experience crafts – or even eat some delicious food with crafted cutlery, this event will allow you to enjoy Takaoka’s crafts from all angles. From workshops you won’t get anywhere else, to talking with the artisans, there’s plenty of unique opportunities here!




*Dates : Sep.21,2019〜Sep.23,2019

*Venue : Based around Yamachousuji, also in Takaoka station, Otaya-doori, etc.




●Mirare Kanayamachi (9/22-23)
The timber facades and cobbled streets of Kanayamachi, the metalworking district, will be host to a variety of events – from guided tours to talks over tea, to craft exhibitions, and a student fashion show. The vibrant streets will be alive!



*Dates : Sep.21,2019〜Sep.22,2019

*Venue :Around the streets of Kanayamachi




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