A store in Kataharamachi with triangular floors (Sutani Fudosan Co., Ltd.)

A store in Kataharamachi with triangular floors (Sutani Fudosan Co., Ltd.)

2017.03.28 UP

This vacant store is discussed on the website of the real estate company Sutani Fudosan.


Standing at the entrance to Daifukuin-dori, a boulevard that retains a nostalgic mid-20th-century feel, this store faces a covered shopping arcade, a feature that makes it especially convenient on rainy days.


Each room in this rare three-story wooden structure is compact and well-suited to uses like opening a new store or setting up a studio.


This property is ideally suited to a wide range of uses that take advantage of the surrounding environment. Examples include a cafe with walls lined to the ceiling with bookcases or a beer garden with doors wide open to the arcade on summer evenings.




・ Please consult with us first regarding residential use or joint use by multiple tenants.

・ Remodeling by tenants is permitted as long as it does not affect the building structure. Note that prior approval is required for all remodeling.


☆ Contact Sutani Fudosan for more information on this property.

☆ Activities including preparations for life in Takaoka or promoting interest for store openings may be eligible for support under the Takaoka Machikko Project.


*Reproduced from the Machikko Real Estate Bank Facebook page(Japanese Only)


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