Manufacturing in the field

Manufacturing in Takaoka got its start when Lord Maeda Toshinaga founded the town about 400 years ago. At that time, he invited a wide range of craftspeople to the town, including seven skilled casters, who began by making cast metal implements for daily life.

Active Person

Keita Yamazaki provides a range of programming that lets travelers learn about artisans and meet interesting local people. His services aim to create a warm and inviting everyday context in which locals congregate to chat, with visitors naturally entering that space and making new and surprising discoveries.

  • 2018.01.24 UP
    Through “Art brut”, let’s find values and possibilities of “being yourself” or “just living”. Art brut TAKAOKA Exhibition January 24-28!
  • 2017.07.07 UP
    Nousaku New Building is the must-see spot of Takaoka for both tourists and local residents!