100 styles of design by 100 craftsmen. “100 Sorori Exhibition”, held until July 8 (Sun)!

2018.06.19 UP

“100 Sorori Project” was carried out in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the foundry maker Nousaku in 1916. Takaoka’s manufacturing activities centered around metalworking and lacquerware have 400 years of history, and currently, around 600 craftsmen are active in Takaoka. 

In this project, in order to leave this Takaoka’s technical style as a form, 100 craftsmen who are carrying forward Takaoka’s craftsmanship utilized their respective skills, and have completed 100 styles of Sorori, with Nousaku’s simple flower vase “Sorori” as a canvas. 

These 100 pieces of works are displayed from May 10 (Thu) until July 8 (Sunday) at the D&DEPARTMENT TOYAMA in Toyama City. With the wishes that this technology continues to be cultivated even 100 years later. 

“NIPPON VISION MARKET TOYAMA Tinware Tools and Utensils from Nousaku” introducing numerous utensils and tools made of brass and tin, such as wind bells and sake cups representing Nousaku is also going to be held until July 8 (Sun) in addition to “100 Sorori Exhibition”. 

■Outline of the event

・Exhibition period:May 10, 2018 (Thu) – July 8 (Sun)
・Venue:D&DEPARTMENT TOYAMA (4-18 Shinsogawa, Toyama City, Toyama Prefectural Hall 1F)
・Admission fee:Free of charge
・Closed on:the closing day of Toyama Prefectural Hall

■Related events
NIPPON VISION MARKET TOYAMA Tinware Tools and Utensils from Nousaku

・Date and time:May 14 (Mon) – July 8 (Sun) from 10: 00 to 19: 00 (the last day is until 16:00)
・Inquiry:076-471-7791(D&DEPARTMENT TOYAMA)


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